Use of the General Expenditure Allowance in December 2019

December was a month of preparation, capped off with a little bit of celebration. We continued to acquire everything necessary to produce quality videos in treacherous conditions (blinding flourescent lights, endless office monotony and mouse-maze hallways).

Last updated on 10/01/2020.
4,645.42 euros
Total for Office:
3,566.09 euros
Total for Travel:
786.95 euros
Total for Food:
292.38 euros
Office30/12/2019Coloured folder tabs Pretending to be professional by organising things. Which is more fun when the dividers come in different colours.8.48 €
Office28/12/2019Printer cartridges Printing!52.99 €
Office28/12/2019Domain fee To present you: The internet!54.06 €
Office23/12/2019Snowglobe and sunglasses from the House of European History giftshop To express our love for Europe.17.50 €
Travel19/12/2019Boat ride in Strasbourg Row row row your boat... It was Christmas time and we wanted to go on a boat ride to make our stay more bearable.94.50 €
Food19/12/2019Christmas dinner We celebrated the end of 2019 and tried to pretend like a "normal" office - celebrating Christmas is something others do, right?191.80 €
Travel19/12/2019Hotel costs for the whole team We wanted to celebrate Christmas together so we decided to stay one day longer in Strasbourg than the other times.688.25 €
Office12/12/2019Camera lens No lens, no videos.96.73 €
Office10/12/2019External hard drives and extension cable To save data and to make it possible to work in the hallway so we can get the impression of being free.289.97 €
Office10/12/2019Blanket The hearts of people in the parliament in Strasbourg are so cold that we are freezing. But seriously, this building is cold and we are not allowed to make a fire.6.95 €
Travel10/12/2019Public transportation tickets A team member had to go shopping (see other items above) outside of the city center.4.20 €
Office10/12/2019Key for the office To open and close the door of the office.5.00 €
Office09/12/2019Monitor Computer monitors in the EP are just like nazis in the EP, they don't show their true colors. To design better graphics, we bought a monitor that has nothing to hide.319.00 €
Office09/12/2019Office equipment: Socket strips, magnets, stamp pads, scissors, brochure covers, adhesive rollers, pens and staples We didn't want to ask other offices for supplies anymore - this leaves us open to blackmail.123.22 €
Office09/12/2019Hoodies PhotoFor upping the style of the whole team. (We also need to wear them in an upcoming video.)376.42 €
Office09/12/20192 color printers To print black and white.545.02 €
Office09/12/2019Tripod If our video producer starts to shiver because of all the cruelties she has to see, at least the videos will be stable.437.95 €
Office09/12/2019Backpack To carry the video equipment and spare our team back pain.207.00 €
Office09/12/2019Memory card The camera doesn't forget and knows what you did last plenary week...59.00 €
Office07/12/2019Book: Management for dummies (it has a different name though) Helps Nico to become a better boss each day.39.00 €
Food05/12/2019Nibbles and fruit Without food your body'll shut down - we are hardly trying to avoid that.51.98 €
Office05/12/2019Camera battery We got no power if our camera doesn't have it either.78.80 €
Office05/12/2019Camera stabilizer Same as with the tripod - it helps our video producer stay stable.849.00 €
Food02/12/2019Lunch with press officer Planning upcoming interviews.48.60 €