Use of the General Expenditure Allowance in December 2019

December was a month of preparation, capped off with a little bit of celebration. We continued to acquire everything necessary to produce quality videos in treacherous conditions (blinding flourescent lights, endless office monotony and mouse-maze hallways).

Last updated on 10/01/2020.
6,467.21 euros
Total for Office:
5,387.88 euros
Total for Travel:
786.95 euros
Total for Food:
292.38 euros
Office30/12/2019Coloured folder tabs Pretending to be professional by organising things. Which is more fun when the dividers come in different colours.8.48 €
Office28/12/2019Printer cartridges Printing!52.99 €
Office28/12/2019Domain fee To present you: The internet!54.06 €
Office23/12/2019Snowglobe and sunglasses from the House of European History giftshop To express our love for Europe.17.50 €
Travel19/12/2019Boat ride in Strasbourg* Row row row your boat... It was Christmas time and we wanted to go on a boat ride to make our stay more bearable.94.50 €
Food19/12/2019Christmas dinner* We celebrated the end of 2019 and tried to pretend like a "normal" office - celebrating Christmas is something others do, right?191.80 €
Travel19/12/2019Hotel costs for the whole team* We wanted to celebrate Christmas together so we decided to stay one day longer in Strasbourg than the other times.688.25 €
Office12/12/2019Camera lens No lens, no videos.96.73 €
Office10/12/2019External hard drives and extension cable To save data and to make it possible to work in the hallway so we can get the impression of being free.289.97 €
Office10/12/2019Blanket The hearts of people in the parliament in Strasbourg are so cold that we are freezing. But seriously, this building is cold and we are not allowed to make a fire.6.95 €
Travel10/12/2019Public transportation tickets A team member had to go shopping (see other items above) outside of the city center.4.20 €
Office10/12/2019Key for the office To open and close the door of the office.5.00 €
Office09/12/2019Monitor Computer monitors in the EP are just like nazis in the EP, they don't show their true colors. To design better graphics, we bought a monitor that has nothing to hide.319.00 €
Office09/12/2019Office equipment: Socket strips, magnets, stamp pads, scissors, brochure covers, adhesive rollers, pens and staples We didn't want to ask other offices for supplies anymore - this leaves us open to blackmail.123.22 €
Office09/12/2019Hoodies PhotoFor upping the style of the whole team. (We also need to wear them in an upcoming video.)376.42 €
Office09/12/20192 color printers To print black and white.545.02 €
Office09/12/2019Tripod If our video producer starts to shiver because of all the cruelties she has to see, at least the videos will be stable.437.95 €
Office09/12/2019Backpack To carry the video equipment and spare our team back pain.207.00 €
Office09/12/2019Memory card The camera doesn't forget and knows what you did last plenary week...59.00 €
Office07/12/2019Book: Management for dummies (it has a different name though) Helps Nico to become a better boss each day.39.00 €
Food05/12/2019Nibbles and fruit* Without food your body'll shut down - we are hardly trying to avoid that.51.98 €
Office05/12/2019Camera battery We got no power if our camera doesn't have it either.78.80 €
Office05/12/2019Camera stabilizer Same as with the tripod - it helps our video producer stay stable.849.00 €
Office05/12/2019Lost taxes The camera equipment should have been tax free, but we weren't fast enough to create the VAT exemption form, which is why we had to pay the taxes. We are still trying to get it back. If we are successful we are going to delete this entry and put the money back into the right account.1,821.79 €
Food02/12/2019Lunch with press officer* Planning upcoming interviews.48.60 €