Use of the General Expenditure Allowance in February 2020

This was a tough month to crack. We had no choice but to buy a lobster costume.

Last updated on 06/04/2020.
6,367.20 euros
Total for Office:
6,320.80 euros
Total for Food:
46.40 euros
Total for Travel:
0.00 euros
Office28/02/2020Formula guide PhotoThe world is full of colour, and it helps to know precisely which colours we are talking about. Our graphic employee needs this guide to brighten all our lives.245.46 €
Office27/02/2020Lobster costume PhotoHave you ever tried ordering a lobster costume after carnival? It's like getting thrown alive into a pot of boiling water. We are forever emotionally burned. But it will have been well worth the pain once you see in an upcoming video how awesome lobsters are.43.44 €
Office26/02/20206x USB stick, 1x adapter, 1 keyboard protection, 1x charging cable, 1x hard disk We need this gear to take over the world.493.87 €
Office24/02/2020Domain fee See 5 February!42.96 €
Office19/02/2020Aluminium sign PhotoNico held a presentation before the Petitions Committee in which he asked for the plenary hall in Brussels to be officially renamed as Strasbourg. We wanted to be prepared in case we got a "yes." Pretty optimistic of us, don't you think?102.57 €
Food18/02/2020Lunch Interview with a journalist who seemed hungry. #corruption46.40 €
Office17/02/2020Biometric pictures Bureaucracy struck back...we needed to take biometric pictures of Nico. With his hood on, of course.11.00 €
Office14/02/2020Laptop hard case To protect the ones we love: machines.22.95 €
Office10/02/2020Hoodie for our bunny PhotoNudity is not permitted in our office!12.99 €
Office10/02/2020Postage To send a parcel.16.40 €
Office10/02/2020Bluetooth keyboard To type - on the go!29.99 €
Office07/02/2020Postage To send a parcel to Germany. Sadly, and for unknown reasons, it came back. We'll give it another try.8.70 €
Office06/02/2020Laptop and mouse The parliament's computers are painfully slow and our private laptop is running out of memory. So this is the newest item for our video producer.4,584.00 €
Office05/02/2020Domain fee We do not own a tech company, so we need to pay a fee to keep this website running.42.96 €
Office04/02/20204x Backdrops (in grey, green, white and blue) Nico's emotions are tied to his surroundings. So to keep him in the proper mood while filming, we put him in front of a joyful grey.227.49 €
Office04/02/2020Teleprompter Nico once won a reading competition in elementary school. It's his only talent. To help him show off his advanced reading skills, we bought him a teleprompter. #thisisalie349.00 €
Office04/02/20202x gaffer tape PhotoNico's shortening reaction is pretty high. We force him to stay put with bonds of love and tape.28.94 €
Office04/02/2020Plastic clips There's a fetish for everything. But no, we just use these plastic clips to keep our backdrops from falling.29.00 €
Office04/02/2020Aluminium lamp stative Goethe said: "More light." Nico says: "More lamp statives." You guessed it, we needed better lighting for our videos.24.90 €
Office01/02/2020Rainbow patch PhotoTo brighten up Nico's black hoodie, so that it sparks more joy.4.18 €