Use of the General Expenditure Allowance in January 2020

Sometimes we try to connect the random data of our lives into a coherent story. Like in January: the picture frames, shower curtains and almond croissants we bought are all crucial instruments to Nico's takeover of Europe.

Last updated on 11/02/2020.
440.72 euros
Total for Office:
358.77 euros
Total for Food:
81.95 euros
Total for Travel:
0.00 euros
Office29/01/2020Picture frames Trying to make Nico's office less ugly.32.50 €
Office29/01/2020Drinking glasses So no one has to drink out of their hands.6.00 €
Office29/01/2020Dishtowels To dry everything wet.2.50 €
Food22/01/2020Coffee Meeting with an external coach.10.50 €
Office16/01/2020Shower curtain Important tool for dividing Nico's office into two halves.55.98 €
Office16/01/2020Webspace, Mailspace and MySQL-database The internet is our constituency, so we want to possess a part of the internet where we can meet.78.48 €
Office10/01/2020Rental cost for camera lens Necessary for filming a particular video.100.36 €
Food09/01/2020Croissants, almond croissants, cinnamon rolls Editorial conference - people who eat together stay together.29.20 €
Food08/01/2020Lunch Lunch meeting with new intern to discuss the contents of the internship. We had ramen.42.25 €
Office07/01/2020Stamps We do send analogue mail from time to time.28.30 €
Office02/01/2020Account maintenance fee Monthly protection money (again...).44.00 €
Office02/01/2020Account of interest and expenses No interest :(0.15 €
Office02/01/2020Silver paint marker Nico signs his autographs with it and he's more motivated if his name glitters.10.50 €