Use of the General Expenditure Allowance in March 2020

We were planning this month to expand our team and produce all sorts of videos. But Covid-19 had other ideas... Expenses this month were mostly related to inviting five candidates for in-person job interviews, as well as buying software, hardware and props.

Last updated on 06/04/2020.
5,882.39 euros
Total for Office:
4,614.08 euros
Total for Travel:
1,208.25 euros
Total for Food:
60.06 euros
Office30/03/2020Forwarding costs We could only order the computers if they were shipped from Germany to Germany. #SingleMarket Thankfully our team members have parents in Germany who could forward the packages to Brussels. We insured them along the way.91.98 €
Office20/03/20202x laptop The computers provided by the Parliament suck. We had enough.2,267.99 €
Office17/03/2020Domain fee We pay this every month precisely for beautiful moments like this, with you here reading these very words.11.88 €
Office11/03/2020Wireless mouse & portable SSD We hate losing things, so we try to save our data. The mouse was necessary for a new computer that we will soon buy.179.98 €
Office11/03/2020Yearly software fee We are not revealing which software we use because we don't want to spread propaganda. It's for editing videos, animations and graphics.1,451.70 €
Office10/03/2020Key To close a door and never open it again.5.00 €
Office09/03/2020Paper, cutter, cutting map Nico's secret dream always was to be the host of Art Attack. Even as a politician he likes to tinker - for our videos of course.38.15 €
Office09/03/20202x microphone + adapter To perform better mic drops.178.99 €
Office07/03/2020Union Jack PhotoBrexit still should jack off! We needed the flag to help break one of the Parliament's rules.7.50 €
Travel06/03/2020Hotel and travel costs for – you guessed it – a potential intern I can't think of any more ways to describe this. Insert your own funny explanation here. #DIY273.04 €
Office06/03/202010 EU balloons PhotoAs much as we love Nena, 99 balloons were just too expensive. To be honest, we just needed these for a video. And we filled them faithfully with the same substance that makes up the EU: hot air.2.50 €
Office06/03/2020Book: The European Parliament (9th Edition) Our press officer (pretends like she) wants to learn something about the EU.29.90 €
Travel06/03/2020Hotel and travel costs for a potential intern Our office needed some help, so we invited some people to potentially join the team. We figured that letting them sleep under a bridge wouldn't be a good start for them.302.00 €
Travel06/03/2020Hotel and travel costs for a potential intern We love Brussels so much that we wanted to show this great city to someone new. Oh and we were also thinking about hiring this person.280.09 €
Food05/03/20202x cappuccino, 2x hot chocolate, 1x hot milk We had some job interviews and offered the candidates something warm to drink against the cold weather in Brussels.16.50 €
Food04/03/2020Greens/EFA floor party PhotoWe were forced to socialize and co-host a party among the Greens/EFA. All of our offices shared costs. We also were responsible for the decoration. Have a look!43.56 €
Travel03/03/2020Hotel and travel costs for an potential intern Job interview: The candidate wasn't living in Brussels, so we paid for train rides and an overnight hotel stay.192.24 €
Travel03/03/2020Hotel and travel costs for a potential intern In total we invited 5 people to Brussels for a job interview. These were the costs for one of them.160.88 €
Office02/03/2020Stamps We were asked by a group of students in Germany for an autograph of Nico to give to their teacher as a gift, since they share the same birthday. And so we sent them one. (Yes, we do have a heart).1.61 €
Office02/03/2020Credit card fee Fuck capitalism. But unfortunately we are part of the system, so we have to pay for stuff like this.22.00 €
Office02/03/2020Computer monitor Our team member responsible for graphics needed a second screen, so that our website, stickers, etc. don't look like crap.309.00 €
Office01/03/2020Gold chain PhotoTo elevate Martin Schulz' swag to the max, as you'll see in an upcoming video.15.90 €