Use of the General Expenditure Allowance in November 2019

November featured two major highlights: Nico rechristened the plenary hall in Brussels as "Strasbourg," so the parliament can just go there every month instead of traveling to France. Also a new team member was added to film and edit videos, and purchases were made to provide her with all the supplies needed to fulfill Nico's major campaign promise - bring the European people content they may actually want to watch.

Last updated on 21/01/2020.
2,365.56 euros
Total for Office:
2,174.18 euros
Total for Food:
191.38 euros
Total for Travel:
0.00 euros
Office29/11/2019Postage for registered mail So that a USB stick filled with video files arrives safely at the production company. Aka we tried to buy certainty and trust from the post.4.05 €
Office28/11/2019Annual fee - web hosting We did this just for you: We want to protect you from the ugly and user-unfriendly website of the EP in case you want to learn something about Nico's work.180.00 €
Office27/11/2019Cake and juice* It was the birthday of one of our trainees and we suck at giving presents.8.09 €
Food25/11/2019Exorbitantly big lollipop* Journey from Brussels to Strasbourg with the transportation service of the European Parliament - stopover in Luxembourg - 50 Cent saved due to pee discount (restroom costs were paid privately).11.40 €
Office23/11/2019Black lipstick PhotoPart of an attempt to walk around the European Parliament more anonymously - didn't work. (We'll also use it in a video.)9.30 €
Office21/11/2019Framing for the greenscreen Because of the basic laws of physics.84.95 €
Office20/11/2019Film equipment: tripods, bag, batteries and LEDs So that the only thing low-quality about our videos will be Nico's hosting skills.500.00 €
Office20/11/2019(American) Football Prop for one of our videos - but Nico and his rabbit also love to play with it during their lunch break.15.00 €
Office20/11/2019German flag Also a prop for a video - and a reminder of where we came from. #nicofromtheblock #sadreminder21.90 €
Office20/11/2019Birthday present* One of our trainees had a birthday and we just thought he deserves more than cake and juice.20.00 €
Food20/11/2019Chips, grapes, chocolate (aka junk food)* Our team was grumpy and one of us learned that food can serve as a substitute for love.45.98 €
Office20/11/2019Hard drives, USB sticks and cables We lose so often, but we won't lose our data.192.96 €
Office20/11/2019Tape To mark camera positions. (And sometimes when Nico has an outside appointment, he uses it to find his way back to the office without getting lost.)3.99 €
Food19/11/2019Drinks* There was too much noise in the office so Nico and a team member needed to leave to talk to each other without yelling. Both got thirsty.10.50 €
Food18/11/2019Bagel Pure courtesy: We had a guest who is a journalist and he seemed hungry. Is this corruption?8.50 €
Office15/11/2019One magazine Nico was in "Der Spiegel" ("Schluss mit lustig" 09/11/2019)6.40 €
Food11/11/2019Lunch for three: pheasant, salmon, entrecôte in the Members' Restaurant of the Parliament (wasn't good - not recommended) "Europa was geht" - Youtube-Show with Hazel Brugger & Thomas Spitzer115.00 €
Office08/11/2019Package tape On the occasion of renaming the plenary hall in Brussels as Strasbourg.5.50 €
Office08/11/2019Plush rabbit and painting materials PhotoEmotional support - PETA wouldn't let us buy a real rabbit. Nico also started painting therapy. With the painting materials we also created the Strasbourg sign for the plenary hall.38.05 €
Office07/11/2019Greenscreen To create another world which is less mean and more funny than the real one - at least in our videos.210.00 €
Office07/11/2019Account maintenance fee Monthly protection money.6.67 €
Office06/11/20192 theatre glass bottles To christen the plenary hall in Brussels as Strasbourg.108.29 €
Office05/11/2019Office equipment: Flipchart frame, pencils, folders, envelopes, USB-Sticks, document shredder, kettle We are trying to work here - for real!403.34 €
Office05/11/2019Mobile whiteboard Sometimes we sketch important things, sometimes we are just in the mood to act as if we were CIA-agents and doodle around.236.81 €
Office05/11/2019Flipchart with extendable arms The team often draws faces on it so someone hugs Nico out of their free will.118.88 €