Use of the General Expenditure Allowance in October 2019

Unlike most other MEP offices, Nico brought his whole team along on his travels. In part because that's a pretty cool opportunity for an internship. October was marked by two trips, one to London (for the Green group's "Study Days") and the other to Strasbourg (for the plenary week). The website was also launched this month.

Last updated on 02/11/2019.
2,863.86 euros
Total for Travel:
1,150.92 euros
Total for Food:
864.72 euros
Total for Office:
848.22 euros
Office31/10/2019Kontoführungsgebühr Monatsende10.56 €
Travel31/10/2019Zugtickets Paris - Brüssel Job-Interview für Praktikum168.00 €
Travel31/10/2019Zugtickets Stuttgart - Brüssel Job-Interview für Praktikum247.00 €
Office29/10/2019Postage, stamps Surprise package for Nico's parents from the entire office8.76 €
Office28/10/2019Monthly web hosting fee Website nicosemsrott.eu15.00 €
Food27/10/2019Chips, soft drinks, chocolate Editorial conference17.58 €
Office25/10/2019Noise-canelling headphones Forgetting the world and being able to write undisturbed while listening to Britney Spears346.99 €
Food23/10/2019Lunch at parliament cafeteria Lunch meeting with media designer7.79 €
Food23/10/2019Drinks, baked goods Breakfast meeting during Strasbourg plenary week8.09 €
Food22/10/2019Snacks, fruit, chocolate, soft drinks 2 editorial conferences during the Strasbourg plenary week49.40 €
Food22/10/2019A bunch of drinks and one salad with salmon (3 people) Team motivation47.50 €
Food22/10/2019Lunch in the cafeteria for 4 Production schedule meeting with media designer38.58 €
Travel21/10/20192 taxi rides Transportation (due to lack of public transportation) in Strasbourg30.70 €
Travel21/10/2019Tram ticket in Strasbourg Sustainable transportation1.80 €
Food21/10/2019Dinner for 8 Summit meeting between MEP offices Sonneborn and Semsrott182.00 €
Travel17/10/2019Trainride to Strasbourg (21/10) and back (23/10) Training and getting to know new colleague (media designer)41.20 €
Food15/10/2019Drinks for 7 Preparation for "Introducing MEP Semsrott PPPPP"" Presentation as part of evening event83.30 €
Travel14/10/2019Accomodation for 4 interns - 14.10 - 16.10. Political group retreat in London569.64 €
Travel14/10/20194 public transportation cards (Oyster) Political group retreat in London63.58 €
Food14/10/2019Coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit, cupcakes Editorial conference in London79.86 €
Food14/10/2019Dinner at a Korean restaurant Team dinner for 7; one member had to throw up afterwards and missed a day. (This person paid for own medication.)181.92 €
Office12/10/2019Laptop accessories, batteries, bag Protection and functionality of office devices57.98 €
Food11/10/2019Croissants, almond croissants, cinnamon rolls Strategy meeting and editorial conference for 8, including guests, regarding bringing democracy to the EU31.25 €
Travel11/10/2019Public transportation card for Nico Political group retreat in London29.00 €
Office10/10/2019Content Management System Website nicosemsrott.eu119.79 €
Office10/10/2019License to use various fonts Website, social media postings176.94 €
Office09/10/2019Extra postage for already-stamped autograph cards They were laying around since May and I finally sent them off. The extra postage was necessary because Brussels is outside the country.1.46 €
Office09/10/2019Adapter for computer screen In order to use a second screen28.99 €
Food08/10/2019Coffee, tea, snacks, soft drinks, fruit Provisions for editorial meeting with guests80.50 €
Food08/10/2019Drinks Meeting with PETI advisor regarding hearings8.00 €
Office08/10/2019Protective screen So the smartphone doesn't break.34.95 €
Office08/10/2019Stempel PhotoDamit man unterscheiden kann zwischen witzig und unwitzig.9.70 €
Office05/10/2019Pillow and cuddly blanket Broken heater and need to rest25.10 €
Food04/10/2019Food for 2 Discussion about future spending34.10 €
Food02/10/2019Chocolate, snacks, other junk food Editorial meeting14.85 €
Office01/10/2019Three wooden pictureframes For filming a fictional hearing of commissioners, and then for office decoration12.00 €