Use of the General Expenditure Allowance in September 2019

September was marked most of all by the fact that the team suddenly expanded from 2 to 7 people. There was a lot of getting to know each other. Also important was the launch of various projects, a speech in the plenary hall, and preparation for the hearings of designated commissioners.

Last updated on 22/11/2019.
4,395.02 euros
Total for Office:
2,210.39 euros
Total for Travel:
1,166.08 euros
Total for Food:
1,018.55 euros
Office30/09/2019Bank account maintenance fee Money that the bank makes us pay to watch over our money.10.56 €
Food29/09/2019Cappuccino, Espresso Because we didn't want to fall asleep during a meeting.4.80 €
Office29/09/2019Yearly subscription to project management software Project overview and communication for our MEP office.699.72 €
Food27/09/2019Midday snack Keeping the bloodsugar level up during a meeting.14.40 €
Food25/09/2019Drinks Meeting with a candidate for ombudswoman.9.00 €
Food25/09/2019Drinks, snacks Team coaching - no one would have come if there was nothing to nibble on.20.40 €
Food24/09/2019Midday snacks for 7 Lunch meeting to discuss the website.33.31 €
Office24/09/2019Power bank, protective screen for the cell phone Security and accessibility.57.98 €
Food24/09/2019Couscous dinner for 3 Team motivation.87.30 €
Office21/09/2019Charging cable for the cell phone An additional charging cable to keep in the office.20.00 €
Office21/09/2019Party hats and glasses, decoration PhotoGetting the creative juices going during an editorial meeting.41.60 €
Office20/09/20192 newspapers Copies of issue featuring Nico.7.80 €
Travel19/09/2019Public transport tickets: Streetcar in Strasbourg Sustainable transportation during the plenary week.12.60 €
Food18/09/2019Fruit Breakfast meeting during the Strasbourg plenary week.12.14 €
Food18/09/20197 croissants, 2 bguettes and 1 pain rustique Breakfast meeting during the Strasbourg plenary week.12.87 €
Office17/09/2019Cell phone case Protection so that the cell phone lives a long and productive life.45.00 €
Office17/09/2019Smartphone For recording spontaneous videos for Nico's social media channels.1,259.00 €
Food17/09/20197 burgers + delivery Editorial meeting during the Strasbourg plenary week.70.50 €
Travel17/09/2019Packet of 10 tickets for public transport in Strasbourg Sustainable transportation during the September and October plenary weeks in Strasbourg.54.60 €
Food17/09/2019Breakfast Editorial conference.36.80 €
Food17/09/2019Catering Meeting and editorial conference in Strasbourg.39.48 €
Food16/09/2019Evening feast for 9 in a restaurant Summit meeting between the MEP offices of Sonneborn and Semsrott during the Strasbourg plenary week.323.65 €
Food16/09/2019Coffee, soft drinks Team meeting during Stasbourg plenary week.13.62 €
Travel14/09/2019Tickets and monthly card for public transportation in Brussels (STIB, MIVB) Sustainable mobility for the team (Month: September).75.20 €
Food13/09/2019Breakfast Editorial conference that we scheduled for way too early.22.12 €
Food13/09/2019Snacks, coffee and candy Addiction and motivation.39.71 €
Food13/09/2019Gum for everyone Bad breath.3.90 €
Food12/09/2019Lunch in the parliament’s cafeteria Planning meeting with intern #3.29.43 €
Food11/09/2019Lunch in the parliament’s cafeteria Planning meeting with intern #2.26.77 €
Travel11/09/20194 round-trip train tickets between Brussels and London Political group retreat in London (14/10 - 16/10) - Travel for interns.456.00 €
Travel09/09/20194 train tickets (from Strasbourg to Brussels) Return journey after Strasbourg plenary week.388.00 €
Food09/09/2019Lunch for 2 Planning meeting with intern #1.45.60 €
Food09/09/20193x espresso, 1x tea Meeting.8.00 €
Food09/09/2019Midday snack Office meeting.7.70 €
Office07/09/2019Selfiestick (mistake), funny pen (good call) PhotoBetter quality selfies, more enjoyable writing.10.00 €
Food06/09/2019Lunch for Team Nico Team-building... getting started.81.50 €
Office05/09/2019Sticky dots, whiteboard marker First team conference.6.40 €
Food04/09/2019Cookies Meeting in the office.4.51 €
Office03/09/2019Coffee machine, soap and soap dispenser Office equipment.52.33 €
Food03/09/2019Organic coffee Ethically giving in to addiction.3.29 €
Food03/09/2019Breakfast Meeting with intern.14.60 €
Food03/09/20193 cups of coffee Meeting with interns.8.00 €
Food03/09/2019Dinner for 2 Planning meeting for office managers.31.90 €
Travel02/09/20192 transportation cards (Carte MOBIB Basic)+ 20 one-way journeys Sustainable transportation in Brussels (Tram, Bus, Metro).57.98 €
Food02/09/2019Snacks, candy Motivation.13.25 €
Travel01/09/2019Taxi Berlin Trip to train station.20.00 €
Travel01/09/2019Train ticket for press officer Z2X conference in Berlin101.70 €