This isn't your typical MEP office. Alongside Nico, we make up a small Brussels‐based editorial team committed to spreading both reason and nonsense, using his five years in office to campaign for progressive ideas. Through videos, images and words. Online and offline. In English and in German. As a creative opposition we annoy right-wingers with everything they are afraid of: transparency, humor and facts.

Last updated on 07/05/2021.

Can I work for Nico?
Sorry, at the moment there are no vacancies for internships or permanent positions in Nico's team.

Can I still send a speculative application?
Being that Nico's mailbox is overflowing, he and his team manage to consider applications only when they ask for them first.

Can I join the team as a law student?
Legal Traineeship: Applications are welcome, but hiring will depend on whether the placement is approved by the authorities governing your traineeship. We do not have a fully qualified lawyer on our team. Some jurisdictions may nonetheless validate a traineeship with us. Please ask the people in charge of deciding this and then contact us.

Can I do an internship as a student?
Unfortunately, Nico's office cannot offer internships to students at the moment due to a lack of resources. In case this changes, we will post more information here.

When will there be vacancies again?
At the moment we don't know.

How do I find out if Nico is hiring?
Nico always draws attention to vacancies through his social media accounts. Each announcement will also be posted on this page.