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Short biography

Born on the 11th of March 1986 in Hamburg, resident of Europe.

Nico Semsrott has failed his way to the top in his career as demotivational coach. Called the "saddest comedian in the world," he had learned through poetry slams, solo performances and YouTube videos how to make people enthusiastic for depressing topics. And because nothing is more depressing than politicians who do satire, he then decided to go on the counter-attack and do politics as a satirist. In the 2019 European elections, Nico, as Die PARTEI's candidate for Commission President, made his way into the European Parliament. "The EU is in a deep crisis," he declared, "and so am I."

Member of the European Parliament since 2019.

Quotations for editorial use

I want to introduce democracy in the EU - if necessary against the will of the voters.
The EU is in a deep crisis - so am I.
Lobbyists have uninterrupted access to politics. Citizens only every 5 years. It should be the other way around.
My motto: Self-hate instead of xenophobia.


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