Group visits to Nico in Brussels or Strasbourg

It’s free and good for nothing.

Last updated on 27/04/2022.

Are you traveling with your class, organisation or extended family to Brussels or Strasbourg? Since neither city has a proper zoo, come pay a visit instead to the European Parliament for a glimpse of an unusual life form. Nico (species: Member of the European Parliament, genus: sad being) will receive you in the visitor area and explain to you everything he knows. This will take about 5 minutes. Afterwards you will have 40 minutes to ask him whatever questions come to mind and have an inside look around the premises.

Here is how it works:

  1. Be available in Brussels or Strasbourg on one of dates listed below.
  2. Send a mail at least 7 weeks before the visit (the Parliament set these deadlines, not me - at the EU's speed, two months is like a blink of the eye) with the subject line “Visit Nico” to Be sure to include the following information:

Please check your spam folder regularly. Normally we do not need more than 4 days to reply. If you change your mind about your visit, please send us a cancellation.

We have the possibility to exceptionally cover travel costs for some groups. If you wish to request this support, please send us an email with the subject line “Visit Nico (expenses covered)” 9 weeks before the visit, at the latest. Please be aware, the number of sponsored group gets limited by the rules of the Parliament, which is why we can't guarantee the financing.

Important notice: Nico is not a member of the liberals, so elite schools from posh districts should not bother applying for financial support. :) If your group actually could use it, please send us one or two short sentences explaining why and we will figure out if we can sponsor your group or not.

Availability in Brussels:






Availability in Strasbourg:



14/03/2022 - Visitor groups are allowed again at the European Parliament
28/03/2022 - Registration begins for visits to Nico

For further information on visiting the European Parliament, visit here.