Why don’t all politicians share this information? They have their reasons, I suspect.


Many voters accuse politicians of making too much money. But their anger usually lacks a factual basis. This is where I come in. Thanks to this overview of the funds at my disposal, you can find out exactly how much I’m being overpaid.


Other privileges

Money isn't everything — especially when you're an MEP. We enjoy many perks on top of our salary and allowances. Here's a special reading recommendation for anyone wanting their day ruined.

Other privileges-image


When someone approaches me and asks if I can support a certain cause, this affects me and potentially influences the decisions I make. Only by revealing who I meet with and why can I make people fully understand why I may act or vote a certain way. Generally, I try to stay away from all kinds of lobbying. But this is not always possible. So here is a list of who is partly responsible for my passivism.



Better a few drops in the bucket than nothing at all. To help causes I care about, I sold merchandise and donated the proceeds. Here you can find out which organizations I supported.


Outside income

During my mandate I have received a few payments from outside the Parliament. Find out here exactly how much money this was and where it came from.

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On Twitter I asked when it would be ok to travel by plane. The answer was "only when it's important." To be honest, I haven't managed to hold myself to this limit. I keep this list to document all the times I have failed by flying — and to motivate me to stay grounded as much as possible.