Kalender des Scheiterns 2


The Calendar of Failure 2 – Because failure isn’t just a thing of the past

Everyday somebody sets out to achieve greatness – and then falls ridiculously short. In order to commemorate these stories of failure, I created a calendar in 2018 that presented a historical failure that occurred on each day of the year.

Recently, I asked you all whether you would be interested in helping me put together a new calendar. You said yes and together we began compiling a list of personal and historical failures. Fittingly enough, this process was partly a failure itself – many of you entered your birthday, when actually your birth is the product of success, at least as far as the winning sperm is concerned. But we get it, it usually all goes downhill from there.

My team was able to fill in the gaps, and the calendar was published on 13 October 2020. Our royalties are going entirely to the NGO Sea-Watch, as decided and announced in advance.


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