Politicians must suffer! #empathyTRAINing


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Video: Don't want to pay for delayed trains? Make this politician suffer!

Politicians live in a very different world than normal people. Transportation is a case in point. EU leaders are currently working on limiting the rights of people who take the train. Which for them isn’t a problem — they all have chauffeurs.

In order to bring them back to the real world, I developed an innovative new program called #empathyTRAINing. The goal is simple:

…what they make us suffer, at least.

My first client was EU Transport Commissioner Adina Valean. To motivate her to stand up for our Rail Passenger Rights, I invited her to give up her limo service and take the train with me.

And so did a lot of other people, by sharing tickets they made on my website

Unfortunately, this trial run resulted in complete and total failure. The European Commission and Council moved full speed ahead to restrict our right to a refund in case of train delays. And Valean was clearly still living in a fantasy world when she claimed this meant “better protection for our passengers.”


Will there be future #empathyTRAINing courses?
If politicians all of a sudden give up their privilege: No. So the answer is yes.

Did Adina Valean respond?
Not yet. And probably not ever. But keep sending her those tickets!