Die detaillierte Auflistung der Ausgaben stellen wir ausschließlich auf Englisch zur Verfügung, um an diesem Punkt effizient arbeiten zu können und die Informationen möglichst vielen Menschen verständlich zugänglich zu machen.

November featured two major highlights: Nico rechristened the plenary hall in Brussels as "Strasbourg," so the parliament can just go there every month instead of traveling to France. Also a new team member was added to film and edit videos, and purchases were made to provide her with all the supplies needed to fulfill Nico's major campaign promise - bring the European people content they may actually want to watch.

Last updated on 21/01/2020.
2,269.59 euros
2,146.09 euros
123.50 euros
0.00 euros
29/11/2019Postage for registered mail

So that a USB stick filled with video files arrives safely at the production company. Aka we tried to buy certainty and trust from the post.

4.05 €
28/11/2019Annual fee - web hosting

We did this just for you: We want to protect you from the ugly and user-unfriendly website of the EP in case you want to learn something about Nico's work.

180.00 €
23/11/2019Black lipstick

Part of an attempt to walk around the European Parliament more anonymously - didn't work. (We'll also use it in a video.)

9.30 €
21/11/2019Framing for the greenscreen

Because of the basic laws of physics.

84.95 €
20/11/2019Film equipment: tripods, bag, batteries and LEDs

So that the only thing low-quality about our videos will be Nico's hosting skills.

500.00 €
20/11/2019(American) Football

Prop for one of our videos - but Nico and his rabbit also love to play with it during their lunch break.

15.00 €
20/11/2019German flag

Also a prop for a video - and a reminder of where we came from. #nicofromtheblock #sadreminder

21.90 €
20/11/2019Hard drives, USB sticks and cables

We lose so often, but we won't lose our data.

192.96 €

To mark camera positions. (And sometimes when Nico has an outside appointment, he uses it to find his way back to the office without getting lost.)

3.99 €

Pure courtesy: We had a guest who is a journalist and he seemed hungry. Is this corruption?

8.50 €
15/11/2019One magazine

Nico was in "Der Spiegel" ("Schluss mit lustig" 09/11/2019)

6.40 €
11/11/2019Lunch for three: pheasant, salmon, entrecôte in the Members' Restaurant of the Parliament (wasn't good - not recommended)

"Europa was geht" - Youtube-Show with Hazel Brugger & Thomas Spitzer

115.00 €
08/11/2019Package tape

On the occasion of renaming the plenary hall in Brussels as Strasbourg.

5.50 €
08/11/2019Plush rabbit and painting materials

Emotional support - PETA wouldn't let us buy a real rabbit. Nico also started painting therapy. With the painting materials we also created the Strasbourg sign for the plenary hall.

38.05 €

To create another world which is less mean and more funny than the real one - at least in our videos.

210.00 €
07/11/2019Account maintenance fee

Monthly protection money.

6.67 €
06/11/20192 theatre glass bottles

To christen the plenary hall in Brussels as Strasbourg.

108.29 €
05/11/2019Office equipment: Flipchart frame, pencils, folders, envelopes, USB-Sticks, document shredder, kettle

We are trying to work here - for real!

403.34 €
05/11/2019Mobile whiteboard

Sometimes we sketch important things, sometimes we are just in the mood to act as if we were CIA-agents and doodle around.

236.81 €
05/11/2019Flipchart with extendable arms

The team often draws faces on it so someone hugs Nico out of their free will.

118.88 €