My first petition


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Strasbourg - A sign of hope
On 20 February 2020, I presented a petition before the European Parliament's Committee on Petitions. The demand: Officially rename the Brussels plenary hall as "Strasbourg." The goal: Abolish the personally miserable and environmentally unfriendly journeys to Strasbourg each month.

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Does the petition need to collect a certain number of signatures?
No, the EU does not require that petitions gather a minimum of signatures in order to be considered. But this does not mean that the signatures are completely meaningless. The more people participate, the more the European Parliament and Commission will get confused — it is not every day that they are confronted with public interest — and the less likely they will be able to ignore the issue.

Is it possible to support the petition without having to register?
I'm afraid not. For a parliament that isn't too keen on citizen participation, the registration process is conveniently inconvenient. I will soon deal with this as well.

What happens next?
At the moment, the petition is awaiting an opinion from the AFCO Committee, which deals with EU treaties and the parliament's rules of procedure. Because of COVID-19 and other chaos, it is unlikely that a response will be given this summer. Once an opinion is issued, the PETI Committee will decide how to proceed. It is not known when exactly. Everything takes a long time. That is parliamentarianism.