Tampon boxes


2,000 free tampon boxes sent out - thank you for your orders!

Latest update (01/07/22): All of the boxes have been reserved and we are no longer accepting orders. Shipment will start in the coming weeks.
Update (21/06/22): Due to high demand we are producing a third round of boxes and are again accepting orders from non-profit organisations.

With the funds available each Member of Parliament, I produced 6,590 boxes of tampons to distribute to people in need and draw attention to the issue of period poverty.

We sent the tampon boxes to shelters, women’s homes and support centres for drug abuse across Germany and beyond. In March 2022 we also gave boxes to the Ukrainian Embassy in Brussels.

Your Feedback:
We are thrilled that the boxes were well-received and in high demand. Repeatedly throughout the process we were asked two questions that we would like to respond to here.

Why did you only produce tampons and not menstrual cups or pads?
The tampons were our test run. This went so well that we ordered a second round to fulfil all the requests we received, and in doing so reached the maximum project budget. This meant we couldn’t ask our tampon producer to also provide us with pads without first issuing a call for offers.

We haven’t looked too deeply into the possibility of producing menstrual cups. This is partly because our priority was to support people who are affected by period poverty. These people often have limited access to hygienic equipment necessary for the safe usage of menstrual cups.

In case you would like to donate menstruation products yourself, most organisations would gladly receive pads, given that they are the safest to apply and can be used by all people who menstruate.

Why don’t you keep producing boxes?

Because we have reached the limit of money that can be used from the PR budget for such a project. In theory we could launch a call for offers that would allow us to spend more, but this process is disproportionately complicated relative to the result.

How you can join the effort: