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The EU is in a deep crisis. And so am I. Who would be better suited then to put on a show right from the broken heart of Europe? The EU is confusing, everybody within it speaks a different language and nobody recognizes its main characters — the conditions for a European late night show couldn't be better! Cough. That was meant to be ironic.

In July 2020, THE NICO SEMSROTT SHOW with Nico Semsrott premiered on YouTube. And it beat the Parliament’s previous audience record, which was set when three groups of students visited the plenary hall at the same time.

This is the most unambitious LATE NIGHT SHOW in the world: It is neither LATE, nor NIGHT, nor SHOW. Nor is it broadcast live from Brussels and Strasbourg. The first season, which has only three episodes, will probably be followed by others — unless nobody is interested (see: the Parliament's previous viewing record).

Watch here
Season 1:

Season 2:


Where can I watch the whole thing?
The show in its entirety is available only on Nico's YouTube channel. Selected clips will be published on other social media platforms.

When will there be new episodes?
More are on the way! When exactly we cannot say, because in politics everything can change from one moment to the next.

Why is the show in English?
You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. And you can reach more people with English than with German.

There are many problems with which European democracy struggles. One of them is the lack of a shared public sphere. No real European media exists, and there are far too few places where people can discuss with people in other parts of the EU. Poles argue with Poles, Greeks with Greeks, but not Europeans with Europeans. In the European Parliament there is often only a string of monologues, each meant for the representative’s audience at home. These are not real debates.

Nico wants to at least try to address a wider European public. This will quite probably fail. But if anyone knows how to deal with failure, it's Nico.


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